Looking for replacement "easy swap fan holders"

I have a Chenbro RM414T 4u case and I need to replace the case fans, but 4 of the 5 "easy swap fan holders" are broken. Anyone have any idea where I could find these, or have an alternative solution?

Pics of "easy swap fan holders":


Chenbro RM414 manual:

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  1. how about these?

    lets you stick fans wherever you want if its a steel case

    just not too close to hard drives as the magnets are powerfull

  2. Have tried these yourself? I'll order some and give it try, seems to easy to be true.

    Thanks for the tip.
  3. Looks like these probably won't work. Good for flange type fans, but not ribbed. Most of the fans I am looking at in 4500rpm+ range are ribbed.
  4. tried them a while ago--really strong magnets--could even hold a fan end on

    shame your fans are ribbed

    could always get creative with a dremel or a drill if theres enough room on the fan frame to drill a new hole
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