Athlon and DDR3 or E8400 and DDR2

I cannot decide which system is better; I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light.

I have two systems and don't know which will perform better in multitasking (internet browsers, youtube, other torrent files and HD video, of course; Not interested in video encoding or decoding nor overclocking.

1. Athlon X2 240 @2800 with 2 Mb level 2 cache, Asus Mobo with 4 GB DDR3 dual channel, GeForce 9400 GT, 160 GB SATA1 HDD and Win 7 64 bit

2. Intel E8400 @ 3000 with 6 Mb level 2 cache, Asus Mobo with 3 GB DDR2 (2+1 GB), GeForce 8500 GT, 500 GB HDD SATA 2 and win 7 32 bit.

I am currently using the second configuration and have no problem with it whatsoever, although I wonder how the second would perform considering the DDR3 dual channel.

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  1. Put 4 GB of RAM into the Intel system so it can run dual channel, and I would say the Intel system would be a little more powerful.

    Right now, I'd say they are pretty equal.
  2. The X2 would perform better in multi-tasking but not by much.
  3. The Intel would ace the AMD anytime, just utilize dual channel ram, it's dirt cheap anyway :D
    Look at this comparison if u don;t believe me
  4. intel e8400 all the way,

    You can overclock it easy with stock heatsink to 3.6 ghz !!!!

    +1 dual channel.

    Although you might want to change your video card ; 8500 gt is pretty low en. you can put 50 $ and get a 9600 from newegg os something
  5. OR try and pick up a 5570?
  6. Well, I'll try to find 4 GB in dual channel for the intel system and I'll just hold on to the video card as i'm not a gamer of any kind.

  7. The Intel system should be a little faster. It's not worth it to find good DDR2 RAM so you can overclock it though. Without overclocking you won't really notice any difference though.
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