Dell mini 9 error message a disk read error 0ccured ctrl alt del to restart does

Hi computer people...I need your help, I'm not stupid but my forte is not computer fixing! I have a dell mini 9 that was working fine, the ac adapter went bad so I bought a new dell one off amazon, I plugged it in and it started fine ONCE, and now I only get the error message, A disk read error occurred Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. When I do this I only get the error message again. HELP!!!! I've read some of the fixes on here and they are way too technical for me...anything simple I can try? Or somewhere that someone can walk me through the process without charging me an arm and a leg? Thanks community : )
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  1. Have you tried going into the BIOS when the computer is starting up? Pressing the F2 key as the display is turned on will usually get you into the bios on Dell laptops and computers.
    Make sure that the hard drive is set to boot first.
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