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I got a ZillionX 5 motherboard that has integrated CreativeVibra16 card and i cant find a way to disable it to install the new SB Live X gamer 5.1 I know has something to do with the Bios and i got the manual i been all weakend messing up with the CMOS and every time i disable in Windows , Restard, Go to CMOS and mess up with something trying to disable when it boots to Windows it detect the Vibra Card. I hope somebody can help me plz i want to install that Live baby!! Any help will be apretiated Thanx.
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  1. Most Intergarted soundcards can be turned off in the bios. Should be under the intergrated hardware/periferals section . Find the option, use page up to change it from enabled to disabled. Use the escape key to return to the bios main screen and then save and exit. If you aint got an option to disable the soundcard then it must be turned off using jumpers. If there is an option to turn the bugger off but it dont work then your cmos battery must be screwed.

    Whats all this about square pegs and round holes?
  2. It is always best to disable the sound card in the bios (or by a jumper setting on the motherboard) but if you are unable to do so you can do so in windows.

    Rather than removing the device which will only cause Windows to redetect it upon statup instead select "Disable in this hardware profile." Do this for all the devices associated with that card.

    Also there is nothing wrong with having more than one soundcard enabled. You just need to tell windows which card to use for what purpose. One problem I have encountered using two soundcards is that sometimes neither of the joystick ports work properly.
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