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Heres the problem. Everytime i turn my PC on, i get several issues:
1 - The PC will freeze at the bios screen, i have to restart it
2 - after restarting the pc, the monitor is not detected. so now comes another restart
3 - finally the pc boots up.....most of the time, sometimes im required to keep restarting until the monitor is detected, or completely shut it down and restart.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Here are my specs:
Asus P6X58D Premium
- Intel Core i7 930
- XFX Radeon 5750 HD Video Card
- 12gb DDR3 Corsair XMS3
- (internal)750gb WD 6.0gbps
- (internal)1tb WD Green Caviar
- NZXT Tempest Case
- Dell 24" 1080p HD Monitor

I am running Ubuntu 11.10. I know its not an OS problem, because the same thing was happening when i had Windows 7. And i also updated my BIOS prior to installing Ubuntu.
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  1. If it was ever working just fine, for how long did it do that?

    Also, if you have Ubuntu installed that should mean you have MemTest86+ as a built in boot option. Run it while you are sleeping and tell me if it finds any errors.
  2. this is what i get
  3. That means you have bad RAM.

    Corsair has the highest failure rates of any major RAM manufacturer, so that makes sense.

    I would do a search on the internet for your motherboard part number plus "crucial RAM" like this (using my own motherboard as an example)

    m4n68t-m v2 crucial ram

    There will be a link to a page on their website dedicated to RAM that works with that motherboard.

    This company is tied for the lowest failure rate RAM in the industry (with Kingston) and their online tool makes shopping for RAM extremely simple.

    You can just get working part numbers on there, copy them, and search for that part number on Newegg (what I would suggest) or whatever site you prefer to shop at.
  4. thanks for the help. i will look into that now.
  5. If the number appears on the list (and I am going to venture that it does) I would recommend the same RAM part number that I use:

  6. i did as you said and the site recommended this one
    what do you think?
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