Compatible build for gaming? And few questions

This is a build with MOBO, RAM, CPU. I need to know if everything is compatible with itself. I also have 2 questions. I already have a Full ATX case, a video card, and a 500W PSU i've been using with a previous PC, will this PSU be sufficient for these new components?

Lastly I've been looking on Newegg for a 250-500GB HD Sata 3.0 or 6.0 from either Seagate or Western Digital that comes with the SATA cables (they all seem to be bare drives) would it possible for someone to find one for me in the case that im blind?

This also all for a gaming setup in case anybody is wondering.
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  1. Good mobo, Good Cpu, good Ram, Good case but the psu... it depends in what you are doing with ur pc, if u are just websurfing and watching movies, then yeah, it will work. if you are planning to add a gpu in the future, well you will have to change it.
  2. By the way , its More powerfull to go with the Intel Option, I3 2100 around 129 dlls on neweeg, H67 motherboard 79 dlls on neweeg, Same Ram, Same Case. you get more performance for your Money.
  3. Completely changed the first post, would someone be so kind to reply.
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