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I have DELL xps 420 2 years old/ Intel core TM 2 quad cpu 6600@ 2.40 ghz....6gb ram . currently have HD radeon 3600 series.
Want to upgrade graphics card. The power supply is 375 watts. I do not do gaming however, I do do lots of video editing with Adobe elements and make videos for you tube. After reading all your reviews for last month,,...which graphics card would fit my computer without changing, of course, the power supply? The best is always what I look for and will spend up to $250 if need be. (assuming my power supply can handle it). What are your EXPERT OPINIONS?
Thanks Howard
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  1. Is there a problem with your current video card?
    It does not take much to play video's and do video editing.

    Most video card reviews are done with the gamer in mind, in particular first person shooters that need high frame rates.

    If you do still want/need to upgrade, you will be limited by your psu to a card that can be powered entirely by the pci-e slot, and does not need extra 6 pin pci-s power connectors.
    That might be as good as a 6670.
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