Possible power surge? please help fast

hi. today i was doing online school and suddenlely my computer turned off. ok. i thought it was a power supply problem. i flicked the switch at the back of the power supply and it turned on. i turned the pc off and put the switch back to its orignal state. still turns on. when i try to boot it says: no boot devide selected please insert proper boot device. WTF? now im really scared. it also beeps 3 times then pauses then beeps 3 times again. it doesnt stop beeping. now im worried my hard drive and mobo are destroyed. i have a surge protector so i dont know what happened. i reset to default bios settings but still no luck whats wrong with my computer?

asus p5g41t m lx plus

xfx 5450

intel core 2 qaud 2.66 ghz

2 gig RAM

diamond sound card.

random laptop hard drive
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  1. Here are the beep codes for your motherboard http://support.asus.com/Troubleshooting/detail.aspx?SLanguage=en&p=1&m=P5G41T-M%20LX%20PLUS&s=22&hashedid=aatDJV8D3R1VmQwe&os=&no=978

    note there is no 3 beeps-pause-3 beeps. there is a 1 long and 2 short beep which would signify a memory error. if that is the case, try each stick of memory in the first dimm slot 1 at a time and try to post. There is also 1 long and 3 short beeps, which would be a graphics error. try running off another graphics card to see if it posts if this is the case.
  2. Exactly what little switch on the power supply did you flick? You seem to have automatically decided it was a power supply problem when your pc shut down..why, has it happened before and flicking this switch helped? What power supply do you have?
  3. ok now its turning on but ocasionally turns off and on on its own. and it does not detect the HDD i tried one that was not connected when it shut down originally but no go. now im confused. UPDATE:ok now its not turning on again. earlier when it did turn on it only sounded the 1 short POST beep so there seems to be nothing wrong but yeah it stoppped turning on again.
  4. GI_JONES said:
    Exactly what little switch on the power supply did you flick? You seem to have automatically decided it was a power supply problem when your pc shut down..why, has it happened before and flicking this switch helped? What power supply do you have?

    the red one that changes tfrom 115 to 220 or sumething
  5. This switch switches from US electricity to European electricity and you should not mess with it. Turning it on with the 220 setting can damage the parts in your computer.
  6. so wut can i do to get my computer working
  7. you should test the system with a known good psu and cross your fingers.
  8. um i think i may have murdered my power supply. i tried booting with an old 300 watt and the mobo led is on! i do not dare plug in a video car cuz everything is really dim. and a little qiuet. so how can i tell if its my mobo or my psu without plugging in a gpu
  9. You will need to know if the system will boot. either you will have to end up purchasing a new psu or you will have to attempt to test the full boot with another psu (such as the 300w you used). does your motherboard have on board video? If so, use that to test the boot.
  10. If your CPU has integrated graphics, remove the GPU and plug your monitor into the MB to check (fingers crossed)
  11. yes the mobo has integrated but it never worked. the mobo turns on but no video even with gpu. i will try using psu in diffrent comp0uter. otherwise is it safe to assume its the motherboard that is damaged? btw its like 40 bucks for psu and mobo lol
  12. if you cannot get your spare psu to work i would try to have the parts tested by swapping them out in another machine. could be the motherbaord. could be cpu. could be both.
  13. the psu is fried. the mobo turns on although doesnt show up with monitor with the 300 watt psu. i hope the motherboard isnt dead. win7 is OEM
  14. whats a good psu at least 550 watt under 50 bucks? im gonna buy a new psu and if i need to a new mobo. and windows 7, can i just return it and order a new one? lol i havent removed the sticker yet.
  15. I suggest you go with a better brand of psu like corsair, seasonic, or antec. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139028 is a corsair model that is designed for budget-minded system builders. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139020 is the unit i would put in your system if it were mine. these cost a little more than the standard budget psus, but they provide very reliable power for long periods.
  16. thank you that is a good price and a good brand. the psu i got was really bad it was a blue star.
  17. thank you guys for all the help. i opened my PSU and discovered a blown fuse. well even that didnt protect my mobo. so now i have to replace my mobo and psu ( with a better one) and possibly my RAM and cpu. i hope my cpu isnt busted. im taking it to a computer fixer in town to test the RAM and cpu.
  18. sorry about your luck and wish you better in the future!
  19. When you are dumb enough to switch the voltage switch on your psu because your pc shut down, you kinda deserve a few blown parts
  20. I guess you came out of the womb all-knowing with immaculate experience. It's a hard lesson to learn, but no one deserves blown parts.
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