ACHI or IDE in bios for HDD

im confused if to set my HDD to ACHI i have it on IDE at the moment also i have a onboard option in bios that i can set to IDE or ACHI what do i have these on i am running a ssd and hdd drive
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  1. HDD=IDE
    SSD Caching=RAID
  2. You could change it to AHCI for NCQ support. I at least, changed mine.

    Though you'll have to a little thing before you switch...there's a MS FixIt utility it up, i can't remember what i did so...
  3. for modern drives it is best to use AHCI mode, you will notice a pefromance improvement even on magnetic HDD's
    if you already have windows installed make sure to lookup the ahci registry fix, apply it before restarting and enabling ahci or you will bsod on boot.
  4. but windows os is on my ssd do i still have to do registry fix and do i channge ich sata and esata controller to ACHI
  5. Eh? Then you should have AHCI enabled! It enables TRIM support.

    Yeah you still have to do the fix. It's a windows issue, not a HDD/SSD issue. The OS must be prepared for AHCI.
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