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HEY, i need some advice, i'm upgrading my system to 3d and i would lik to know which is the better card to go with, nvida or amd. i hav chosen nvida, due to compatibility issues on amd side, thoughts are appreciated, also i would like to know which is the best card to buy whith the money aloted, i'm looking to spend about 250 US. thanks
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  1. i was looking at the gtx 570, evga normal, not superclocked. its well over the price i've given is it worth it?, i have never used msi
  2. try for a 6950 from amd. Depends on your mobo too i think
  3. best Nvidia card for the money right now would be this guy......its a 560ti that outperforms a 570....if you sli it it will DESTROY a580 and its got a nice backplate!!!

    newegg is out of stock but tiger is a reliable company

    after that this HAWK msi card would be your second best option

    good luck

  4. Is nvidia's 3d setup locked to using their glasses? I read with AMD's open 3d initiative you can you any 3d device including red/blue glasses. Has anyone used AMD 3d?
  5. motherboard is Asus M4A87TD EVO.i was going for a 6970, but yea u can use any glasses, preferably a pair that come with a tv/monitor. u use a program called iz3d i think, but thats alot of hastle, also, there arent alot of games that are made for amd hd3d lik nvida 3d. i was thinking about sli 570 to beat a 580 and 6990, if possible [not sure abt 6990] i should mention that were i am its a tropical zone and i hav no ac so my current 5770 hav met times were i smelling the hot metal in it. with fan at 95%... its still wrkin!!!! :D
  6. kenshin333 said:
    i was looking at the gtx 570, evga normal, not superclocked. its well over the price i've given is it worth it?, i have never used msi

    The GTX 570 is a great card. Whether it is worth the more price judge by yourself!
    MSI is quality similar to Asus and is a recommended brand.
  7. what about in sli? performance wise as compared to the gtx 580 sil and cf 6970? yes it is a great card from what i understand. and 3d capability?
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    if you want to go asus id go with the 570 from them......

    the 2 560ti cards i recommended are just about the ONLY 2 560ti's that can outgun a 570...this is because they're a more refined version that both companies have worked on for a long time.....

    and sparkle is a GREAT company with a lifetime warranty

    and both the 560ti's rec....will be much better than one 580 or 6970.....just dont expect the same if either is x2

    pls read this review
  9. the 560 is a great card, but i'm swaying towards the 570. with the huge gap in price,i will sli in the future, maby in a few months so i'll buy another lik it when i ready. so i guess the new limit is around 360 us. any new considerations? as far as i see the 570 is really great for that price.
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