I dont know what to do anymore please help me

I have had the worst experiance of my entire life building this computer. I am litterly about to jump off a cliff after this. My computer randomly resets every 30 mins gaurenteed. I cant even install windows because every time my computer will shut off. Now i have no clue on what it could be. I use my psu on my other motherboard with my gtx 560 and i could leave it on forever so i gaurentee you its not the psu because its 550w and i dont even have my graphics in. My temperatures are fine all under 40 c. This is actually my 2nd replacment motherboard and now my ripjaw ram wont work on a1 or a2 only b1 and b2 slots in the motherboard. I have tested the ram and its fine. The cpu i doubt could be the problem cause my computer turns on obviously. Also I have used the harddrive with my older computer and it works perfectly fine. The only diffrence i have between my old computer and my new one is a cpu and a motherboard and apperantly thats causing me to randomly shutdown every so often.
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  1. What motherboard? What cpu? what HDD? what Video vard? We are not mind readers here.
  2. p8z68-m pro i5200k with a 500g segate gtx 560
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