Core 2 E2160 stock heatsink with E6750

Hello, i just bought the second hand Core 2 E6750. can i use the stock heatsink that come with the E2160 with it? it's cool enogh? thanks.
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  1. Yes, just make sure to remove and re-apply thermal paste.
  2. Yes it should, i agree with amuffin you will need to apply new thermal paste but if your really worried about your temperature you should check it with core temp to monitor your temperature.
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    You can use the E2160 cooler but you'll want to keep an eye on the temps to make sure they stay under control.
    The stock cooler heatsink for the E2160 isn't as large as the cooler that shipped with the E6750.

    E2160 cooler

    E6750 cooler
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  5. ok so it's smaller heatsink :lol:

    today i see brand new boxed E7200 for 7,800Y maybe it's better. :hello:
  6. E7200 Wolfdale performance is just a bit behind the E6750 at stock speeds.
    If you were thinking about overclocking then the E7200 would edge in front of the E6750.
    Of course you'd need a better cooler then the stock Intel cooler.

    Wolfdale for Economical Enthusiasts: Core 2 Duo E7200 Review
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