Trying to connect my pc to a video converter for my tv

im thinking about sending this converter back but id really love to get it working if ic an

here is the product

im tyring to connect my Nvidiea 295 video card up to it so i can get video on my HDTV/pvr box but been having a hell of a time so far. at 1st i thought the converter was broken as even my xbox wasnt working with it but after tightening a few things, i got a picture off my cable and xbox :)

now when i hook my dvi/hdmi cable up to the device at 1st i was getting no signal at all. then after rebooting my pc a few times i noticed the boot up was displaying but once i get to windows nothing. i then rebooted to safe mode and got video. so im thinking since that will work myabe i can change something in windows to start getting video when i boot up normally. any suggestions? thanks
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  1. Change the resolution on your PC to a lower setting, your TV may not be able to display the same resolutions as your PC monitor. Change that a few times and see how it runs... you should be able to switch it in windows without having to reboot to get it working.
  2. tried that. i might connect something even lower than 1280x720 and see if that works. safe mode was 800x600 and worked which isn't really up to the tv's scale :)

    i'll add i actually have connected my pc to this tv with just a standard dvi/hdmi connection but i want the component connection thing for recording stuff on my pvr box :)
  3. I agree with jdenova007, it is either an issue with the resolution (must be specific), or the refresh rate. Change to 720P with 50 or 60fps and see if that helps.
  4. "i'll add i actually have connected my pc to this tv with just a standard dvi/hdmi connection but i want the component connection thing for recording stuff on my pvr box " - Wait, What!??!?!?!

    What are you trying to do.... you said you were having issues with it connecting via HDMI/DVI(that's what I was troubleshooting..)... but now you said it needs to be Component,..... which is it...
  5. thanks for the replies.
    tried some different resolutions and refresh rates(made sure i did the tv sizes 1st) and that didnt work.

    also for the other question, im trying to connect connect my pc to the converter then to 5 wire out to my tv. The goal is to get a picture then im going to onplug the 5 wires and connect it to my pvr which will out 5 wires again to my tv. that quote was just referring to i can get a picture just connecting a half dvi/hdmi cable to my tv but thats not going to help me get this working with my pvr box that only had component outs . i could use fraps but i just dont like that program due to the amount of hard drive space it eats, my pvr box does a lot of the work and compressing for me!
  6. Apologies, I was troubleshooting a different issue because I didn't realize what you were doing and what your problem was.. it seems other people have issues with this device as well... it works with certain connections but not with others, with no rhyme or reason.. I cannot help you with this issue. But I am guessing you will not able to "fix" it. Godd luck.
  7. well thanks for the help, ive decided to return the device the device(always a hassle when its mail order lol) :)

    I'm just wondering if i get another converter, which might work with my set up? thinking something dvi related would be best this time. :)
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