Suggest GPU and PSU for i5 2500k

I have decided to buy i5 2500k with GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 Motherboard,

I also Rounded up GPU to GTX 560 or GTX 560 TI, But not yet decided.
And Suggest me PSU for it.
My Question :-

1. Which one is worth it, compared to Price and Performance?
2. Which Model in Radeon Stands up with gtx 560?
3. If ATI Radeon has one then which should i choose? Radeon of Nvidia?
4. And Which Manufacturer has given the best Benchmark?
5. 1 0r 2 GB?
6. Or Any other GPU's that Give More Performance than gtx 560 for comparatively less Money?
7. Last thing PSU to go with it.

Thank you.
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