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I'm having a hard time choosing between CPU cooling options and a case. Was hoping to get some opinions on the following products for which one would be good for my new ivy bridge build!

CPU Cooler
Ivy Bridge runs hot when OC'd so wasn't sure what kind of cooler I should get. Was looking at the following
Cooler Master Hyper 212+ or Evo (low end)
Noctua NH-U9B (mid end)
Noctua DH-14 for high end air or I if I wanted to go with a liquid solution Corsair h60 .

Don't know how hot I am for a liquid solution, but that corsair seems very self contained.

Looking for a full ATX tower. Currently interested in the following cases (more suggestions are welcome)
first five


Really unsure about the case. Currently upgrading from an ATX mid tower (Nikao Dragonfire). Also unsure how loud all the default fans are that come with the case, would be interested in taking all the fans out and upgrading them to quieter fans if necessary, or if the fan control from my mobo is good enough.
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  1. Cm 690 II advanced
    NZXT Switch 810

    These are the 2 cases I would recommend, they both fit the Hyper 212.
  2. ok?, what are you planning on doing with computer?
    how much over-clock are you going to do? ivey doesnt run hot until you super-clock it and there are better platforms to do that with. ivey can easily hold a 4.5/4.7 clock with a highend air cooler of H100. unless your photoshoping 500mb raw files, folding, or have 25 applications open at one time, you are jumping to false conclusions.
    corsair 400r/500r
    fractal arc midi
    cm 690 II
    all under $150, good air cases, can be fitted with H100 (anything less than H100 and you aren't getting the benefit for the dollar).
    all can take the noctua nh-d14 easily.

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