Airflow and Heat Discussion [New Build Help!]

Building on an earlier thread where I got some great advice -- building a system that is efficient and powerful... and silentish.

Please give me feedback on any issues that I may have created, I have read the primer on the air cooling, and also am planning to implement some Liquidcooling soon as well.

The CaseLabs TH10 build is comprised of:

Primary Components:
Intel 3930K (X79)
Sapphire Radeon 7970
Asus Rampage IV X79
G. SKILL Ripjaw DDR3-2133 - 4024x4
2 x Samsung 830 256gb SSD
1 x Crucial 300 256gb SSD
1 x Corsair X128 SSD - Dedicated to iTunes
1 x LG Blu Ray Burner
2 x 2TB

Cooling System
4 x Aerocool Shark [Front Intake]
4 x Noctua NF-P12 [Top Exhaust]
1 x Aerocool Shark [Rear Exhaust]
3 x SilverArrow-Mounted Thermalright TY-140 [Toward Top Exhaust] * Is there really a point to 3?

LG NAS 1TB x 4

Front of CaseLabs TH10 (Intake)

Top of CaseLabs TH10 (Exhaust)

Rear of CaseLabs TH10 (Exhaust)

Internal (MBSide) of CaseLabs TH10 (Exhaust-ish)
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  1. You have four top fans on one side , wouldn't you want to put two one each side? you then have four on the top and one rear blowing out but only two in the front blowing in. So five out and two in seems unbalanced.
  2. The Noctua S12's are supposed to be a bit quieter(as long as they do not have too much restriction.).

    I think your video card will be the loudest thing by far in the system.

    Any reason for such a huge case? I would guess for lots of water cooling room?
  3. If you are going with liquid cooling then you won't need so many fans.
  4. inzone said:
    If you are going with liquid cooling then you won't need so many fans.

    Also do not use the Noctua S12's I was talking about the P12s(makes my last post useless) are far better on a rad.
  5. I bought the case because of its modularity, comfigurability, and due to the fact that I will be diving into watercooling in this system. There is a lot of room to grow in this case as you can clearly see. So stick with the Noctuas I listed then? Airflow looking good?
  6. With that much room, airflow should not be an issue. It would take a good bit of time for heat to build within such a large case and the roof(top) being all vent means even with low speed or fewer fans, heat will find its own way out.

    If you are going water then yes, your fan choices are far better for rads then what I would use as just a normal case exhaust.

    You should be able to get lots of options on the forum here for water cooling. I am personally on air.
  7. i personally believe that all this cooling is totally unnecessary. But to humor you, considering that you will want an even-ish pressure in the case, slightly negative, you will want as many fans drawing air in the case and as many exhausting it, with the slight exception that because the intakes are filtered - and make sure they are - they suffer a penalty to their CFM.
    Treat air flow like water flow. You see, with that array of exhaust on top, the cool air is already out of your system before it gets to the parts that need cooling. Generally speaking, 2 intakes at the bottom and front and 2 exhaust at the top and rear are more than enough. Front-top corner of your case doesn't need cooling and it should have neither intakes or exhausts.
    I am not sure of what you wish to achieve here. Unless you are going to benchmark for 6ghz and add crossfire cards, have multiple water cooling systems (this is what this case is for) and a 1500watt psu, then this is not what you should be aiming for.
    This computer will NOT be silent, at all. Most of the times it will sound like a turbine, and to keep it at bay you will need 2 bay fan controllers to dim them all, eventually giving you the same airflow fewer fans would offer at higher speeds or bigger caliber.
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