Hi Guys previously I posted in Graphics and CPU sections regarding GPU which I was planning on buying overlooking my PSU :cry:
My PSU is CM Extreme POwer 500 12v 1-18A 12v 2-18A=36A on 12v Rails(shall not exceed 360 watt on 12v rails :heink: )
shall not exceed 430 watt on 3v 5v & 12v combined :pfff: So basically it's a shitty cheap crappy PSU which I bought without doing any homework. :cry:

My Rig is:-
E7300 2.66GHz @ 3.33GHz TDP 100w Max :ange:
2x2GB 1333MHz DDR3 value RAM
2x7200RPM Seagate
Gigabyte G41MT S2 Mobo

So basically i'm tight on budget with just enough for a GPU and a CPU cooler that I desperately need.
Suggest me the best GPU that this crap PSU can sustain or suggest me GPU Amerage and wattage for this PSU then I'll research and find one that's suitable

Thank you all in advance :hello:
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  1. What's your overall budget? Why do you need to upgrade the CPU cooler? How much is the CPU cooler costing?
  2. Rugger said:
    What's your overall budget? Why do you need to upgrade the CPU cooler? How much is the CPU cooler costing?

    My budget is Rupees 11000 :(

    Cooler Master EVO 212 @ Rs 2200+Tax
    HD 6850 @ Rs 9500+Tax
    GTX 460 may cost less
    I would rather not not buy anything than buying HD 7750~HD 5750 :non:

    BTW My resolution is 1600 x 900 on a super LG LED Monitor 8M:1 DFC :ange:
  3. Reason i need to buy cpu cooler is coz ambient temperature in kolkata (now) is 36 degrees celsius :o ...That's right 36!!! :fou:
    And my cpu reaches 65 core 0 64 core 1 while playing Metro..And crosses 74 with IBT
  4. You did ask what graphics card your PSU could safely support.
    HD 7750 = 52watts
    HD 6850 = 128watts
  5. GTX 460 = 165W
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    Bottom line: Get the HD6850 and a decent PSU now. Reduce temps by removing the OC on the CPU; save up some more money to get the CPU cooler later.

    74.1C is the max CPU temp for that processor; if you hit that temp, then the PC will shut down. You're GPU limited right now; to be safe remove/reduce the OC on the CPU. With no/less OC you won't hit your CPU's max temps and therefore won't need the CPU cooler. BTW the 212+ Evo is a great CPU cooler for the money - stick with that choice when save enough money to upgrade your cooler.

    Buy the 6850 and get a decent 450W PSU. IIRC, the Antec VP450W can be purchased for around 2000R. Do you have a site where we can research potential PSU purchases?
  7. Your psu does NOT have 36a on the 12v rail. Quite a bit less.

    You dont just add the rails together, it doesn't work like that.

    A HD7750 would be a decent choice.
  8. ga is right. Your total rated 12 volt capacity is 30 amps.

    This PSU is actually "not bad" in the sense that it can produce its rated power.
  9. I might be OK with a HD 7770 / GT 440 / HD 6670.
    But I know those CM Extreme Power PSUs don't like to output full power when it's hot. And that's not wanting to output 430W - not what the 'liar label' claims.
  10. HW Secrets put stated it could actually deliver the rated voltage but anything in excess of 400W drove the PSU's electrical noise levels out of spec...basically a 400W PSU IMO.
    The entire Extreme Power series over the 430W model are craptastic.
  11. Yeah the Pcar-600 is actually 500w, so the 500w is probably really 400w, makes sense.

    They have come a long way though, they actually make some decent psu's now, same with OCZ.
  12. So I just did some research HD 7750 at kolkata is about Rs 6500 +Tax..Then HD 7770 ~Rs 7500-8000..leaving me 3 thousand for CPU cooler :p Then if I slightly reduce my need from 212 evo to vortex plus at 1500Rs`1800 then may be I could buy XFX HD 7770 1GHz Black Edition Double Dissipation Edition :love: :love:

    Do you guys think that will be ok..BTW the wattage of E7300 overclocked to 3.33GHz is just 95 watt versus 65 stock
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