Triple core Less Clock Or Dual core More Clock Speed

I would like to know the best choices between the two. I'm planning to build a new machine for me with giving more attention to game play and audio/video production and recording. The old one is having AMD X2 2.9 GHz processor and its a great processor for me as it seamlessly handles 1 game window in inactive/ active mode (NFS Most Wanted / Battlefield 2 Special forces), a MP4 to AVI conversion and couple of other small stuffs excellently without slowing down. Now for this new rig I want to go for a triple core processor of the same brand. Now its seems that in case of triple or quad core processors the clock speed is slashed down. Would it be good to go for a AMD dual core with 3Ghz or for a AMD Triple core with 2.4 GHz for satisfying my tasks ? As I've mentioned I will be doing gaming (COD Black ops, NFS Hot persuit kinda games) and audio recording and mastering and want my processor not to be get hanged somewhere. I'm coupling the rig with a 2GB GPU and a Sound card and the RAM will be 4-6 GB DDR3. Please help me with this. :(
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  1. If you want an AMD get a Phenom II either a 965, 975, 955 or 980BE or a 960T and an AM3+ motherboard. If you fancy OC'ing get a aftermarket cooler and whiz that CPU up to 4GHZ.

    Avoid FX it costs more to perform the same or less

    Avoid the Llano APU's that use socket FM1 they wont meet your needs as well as the Phenom II and socket FM1 is just about to be replaced. From your descriptions I think you have been looking at Llano APU's.
  2. Thanks wr6133 for your response. I think yes AMD phenom will be the best as per my requirements. Will go for 955 or 965. Thanks again :)
  3. Gaming go for Mhz, video/graphics go for cores.

    But either way, always get a Black Edition and overclock the crap out of it.
  4. Great tip das_stig. Thanks
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