Do I Need a Sound Card?!?

I am currently building a computer and was going through the check list of things i need to have in it as was wondering if I should have a sound card in it.

I was looking into purchasing this speaker system.

If It would be best for me to get a soundcard which one would you suggest I get? I'm on a budget, so don't want to spend bookoo bucks if i do,

thanks a bunch guys -TRACE
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  1. you don't need a sound card especially if you are on a budget. this is coming from someone who has a sound card in one of his PCs so I'm not defending my purchase. if plan on getting nice speakers and want to play music/movies out them then a sound card is something to look into.
  2. Hi, I figured I'd ask in here rather than start a new thread. I just built a new system that has an ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen 3 with onboard 5.1 DTS sound. I have an old, PCI soundcard, a Creative SoundBlaster X-FI Fatal1ty that I was thinking of installing in the new board. Would the SoundBlaster be an improvement over the onboard soundboard?
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