Why such a low FPS?...

Hey, recently I have noticed my FPS has dropped, significantly. When I first got the PC, I was getting about 150 FPS in Battlefield:Heroes. Recently, with fraps, it has gone down to about 60 at times, and I use to be able to record at 100 FPS. Now I lag on 60. Could my PSU be the issue? I also have the latest catalyst drivers...

My PSU has been shutting the PC on and off, rebooting randomly, and a strange smell emittes from it, like burning rubber.

The temps are fine, 35 idle 60 load...


i5 2500k
8 gigs ram
1tb 7200 rpm hard drive
750w antec high current psu
19' 1280x1024 monitor
rosewill challenger
24x sony burner
hyper 212+
xfx radeon 6950 2gb
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  1. @OP
    Regarding the FPS issue, check on the game that you play currently that V.sync is not enabled. V.Sync limits the FPS to the monitors refresh rate.

    Regarding the OC advise it's pretty useless you're playing @ 1280 x 1024, any strong C2D CPU will have the same results as your current one.

    HD 6950 is Overkill for that resolution, to feel a shiny gaming experience upgrade to at least 1080P monitor.

    Really there's no difference between 150 FPS and 60 FPS as long as your monitors refresh rate is a constant 60Hz, if you upgrade to a 3D 120Hz monitor you're gonna feel a new experience of gaming.

    Regarding the PSU issue, take a snapshot of CPUID HW Monitor to monitor your voltages and post it up here.
  2. sounds like something is overheating. check your temps with hwmonitor and make sure all your fans are spiining on cpu, gpu and psu. clean any dust from the heatsinks and fans and the psu with compressed air.
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