How to upgrade core 2 duo processor to i5

I have a toshiba laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Can I upgrade it to Intel i3 or i5 processor??
I don't exactly know the name of the model but I bought it back in 2008.
Please help..........also can I change the graphics card for the laptop?? I currently have Intel Mobile(R) 965 Chipset Family video Card........ and I would like a video card on which I can play the latest games....even if the driver is being connected by the usb port I don't me I am really in a fix..
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    No, you cannot. For either component. You have needs that are not possible to fulfill with your current laptop. A new laptop is your solution.

    Most laptops are not upgradable to the extent you ar looking at. We would need the exact model to tell you what your upgrade options are. Or better yet, call the people who made it (Toshiba) and ask them. They can provide more details, including exactly what CPUs are compatible with the motherboard and BIOS in that machine.

    If you would like to play games on a laptop you will need to buy a different laptop. There are many laptops suitable for playing many games on at very good to ultra graphics settings.
  2. Hello akhr;

    Sorry, you won't be able to upgrade your laptop to a i3/i5 CPU.
  3. What kind of fix are you in? What game are you looking to play?
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