Please review my new build



OS Drive


Storage Drive






DVD burner






my budget is rs50,000 and i have 3 21.5" 1920x1080 screens. I want to be able to play latest games at good graphics..
I do not plan on OCing..
I wil game only on 1 screen . But for my office work i will need to use all three screens
Thanks a lot for ur help :)
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  1. For 2 screens I believe you will need two video cards, but the second needn't be as powerful. I would review this information to see about proper setup.

    Since you do not plan on overclock, your motherboard will be fine. I would also drop to the i5-2400 processor as it is only 10% slower at stock speed.

    Due to the dual video cards, you would need a slight more powerful PSU. The savings in the CPU should mostly cover the difference.
  2. this build will do what you want to do, 6870 has eyefinity, so you can use 3 monitors. i don't know what tlmck is talking about needing two video cards for...
  3. so do u suggest i drop down to a 2400 ?
  4. On the processor yes to 2400. Without overclock, you will notice little difference.

    And if it turns out that you only need the 1 video card, your original power supply will be fine as well. Once again, I would research the AMD site for the proper 3 monitor set up info.
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    Get a Crucial m4 SSD, they are pretty fast. Also get 2x 4 GB sticks of RAM. you might want to get a 650W PSU too.
  6. yeah i am gonna get 2x4gigs. and i dont plan to CF/SLI. i prefer single card. still should i get a 650W PSU? and if i get a crucial m4 the total cost will go over my budget :(
  7. sorry for double posting.. the ssd which i have chosen. with that will there be significant improvement in boot times / overall windows experience ? or if not i will just get the 7200rpm hdd and wont get ssd
  8. Yes there will be extremely quick boot times.
  9. what about the overall windows performance? i do lots of web browsing. Use MS office a lot
  10. very good, you will be able to multitask quickly and have loads of Office docs open at the same time.
  11. thanks gonna get it next month. should i make any changes on the other parts?
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