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Hey, i was hoping some of you could point me towards a case that might work for my new graphics card/motherboard. The motherboard im getting is this

with this Graphics Card

However i'm not exactly sure if my old card is broken, i think it is, but i need a new case to fit it in regardless and if it's still working i'd love a case that could fit both of those cards so i could send the new one back if it doesn't work. The old card is an EVGA 9800GTX+ as shown below

Please help me find a case that matches both of them, i'm not having any luck ;\
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  1. That's just a standard ATX motherboard, and that graphics card isn't long at all. You shouldn't really have any problem with nearly any normal ATX case with 7+ expansion slots.

    What is your budget? Do you want a window? Black interior?
  2. I'd prefer to be as cheap as possible while still being a good case that won't have any problems ;\ It doesn't have to look flashy or anything, just has to be able to properly support the graphics card and processor. Under 75$ would be great but i'm really not looking to spend more than 100$
  3. Well this isn't a great case but its good for what you need it for. I've built a lot of computers for clients using this case because of the price. It looks nice, and it gets the job done.

    Now if you actually want something thats pretty boss for 75 bucks.

  4. Alright i think i'm gonna go with the budget one, though i love how the bottom two look, just wanna save some money for uni, thanks so much though!
  5. No problem.
  6. I would actually get this case I have it and like it.
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