How to connect Logitech surround speakers to ASUS sound card?

Hello everyone,

I've been doing research on this, and i simply can not find a clear solution.

I'm a gamer, and i have the Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound speakers for my pc.
Click on the link below to look at the product. There are 56 images available, please feel free to view through them for exact details on the speakers.

I want to purchase the ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card for my pc.
Click on the link below to look at the product. Detailed images available as well.

Before i purchase the ASUS card, i want to make sure that the connections between my Logitech speakers and the ASUS card are compatible. And most importantly, that they will still allow me to get 5.1 surround sound from my speakers.

Are the cables that come with my Logitech sufficient? Do i need to purchase any special cables to make this work?

Any assistance and education on this would be greatly appreciated.
If you know of a solution, and just as an example i need to purchase a special cable, please post a link for me to view it.

Thanks for your time,
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  1. From the looks of the speakers, they accept 3x analog inputs, while the Essence card puts out 1x analog out. You need a card or mobo audio that puts out 3x analog jacks and supports 5.1 sound. That sound card you selected is mostly a headphone sound card. It has high quality parts for the best headphone sound. Try a different Xonar card like this one:

    (i have this one its fantastic)
  2. Hello !

    First off, with this kind of sound system, you wouldn't really profit from a sound card. The wiring on these speakers shows that this is not a real 5.1 audio system. In the best situation, you only have 3 wires that plug in your sound card : a green one, a black one and an orange one :

    I suspect that the green one is for the "central" speaker and that the orange and black ones are for the front and back speakers.

    But as you can see from the picture, your sound card has outputs for only 3 kinds of outputs that cannot be used together :

    1. Using the outputs #1 (red/right audio) and #2 (white/left audio) for a 2.0 system.
    2. Using the output #3 for a headphone.
    3. Using the output #5 for a SPDIF digital sound system.

    If you had a real 5.1 sound system, you'd use the SPDI/F output to connect it to your AV receiver or something like that.
    But the sound system you chose doesn't have a SPDI/F input so you can't use that connection.

    That only leaves you with the option 1 and that is connecting your "5.1" sound system to a 2.0 output. You'd have to buy the Red and White audio cables, because they are not included with your sound system.

    If I were you, I'd buy a sound system that has either a SPDI/F digital input (more expansive) or an analog one (less expensive) that has a dedicated input for each speaker. But you'd also have to select another sound card, one that looks like this. All of them have 5.1 or 7.1 analog output.

    Good luck,
  3. ^you try to confuse, guy. OP doesn't have the card yet. And your link includes more cards with only 2.0 outs....

    Green = front, black = center/sub orange = rear. This is very common and standard for 5.1 analog out since forever.

    Since the audio source is what determines if it's 5.1, then this is a "real" 5.1 system. These speakers are 6 channel discrete, the definition of 5.1. A SPDIF cable does not make a 5.1 system, it's merely a convenient way to carry bitstream audio. These speakers don't need them and wouldn't benefit from the fidelity anyways.

    You will need 3 x 3.5mm male to male cables to hook up an analog 5.1 source (3 x headphone jacks) to your speakers. I linked you two nice cards, but you can get anything (except a Creative card, you are better than that)
  4. Thank you for your reply & information festerovic.
    i appreciate your help.

  5. The STX is stereo analog output only. Its designed for high quality stereo speakers/headphones, not surround speakers.

    The closest product that has the outputs you need would be the ASUS Xonar Xense, but as its typically paired with a pair of Sennheiser PC350's, its price is typically jacked up to about $300.

    The DX (or if you can find one for under $100, a D2X) might be the best all around option from a price/performance standpoint though...
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