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Hey guys just setting up my first rig at the moment and I'm interested in some UV lighting, Just bought 2 12" UV Akasa Cathodes but for the life of me I can't find anywhere that stocks UV paint in the UK! Please help it's driving me crazy... The paints for things like my PSU, Fans e.t.c and will probably get some nice SATA cables as well but for the time being I'm just in need of paint :)!


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  1. Any suggestions at all would be welcome it's really frustrating I've spent a lot of time browsing online but there seems no obvious solution! As per usual it seems the UK is lacking somewhat in product range!

    Thanks again, again,

  2. Thanks ko888 I have had a look at these websites and i still can't decide which is more convincing from the list I've seen but i think it's just down to personal choice in the end! thanks for your time and help!

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