PC boots with no display - CPU problem?

Hey everyone,
A while back my PC shut down it self due to CPU overheating.
after a few times in which i tried to clean dust and reboot, it started rebooting with no video display at all (monitor is working great with another PC), and kept on shutting down.
i recently bought a new and improved CPU fan, with thermal paste, and it seems to solve 1 problem, since the PC loads and doesn't shut down it self.
Altough I still havn't figure out the display, cause it still loads and i see nothing on my monitor.
Could it be that my constant loading with no proper cooling premenantly damaged the CPU ?

btw, stats:
Intel® Desktop Board D945PSN
Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz

thanks in advance for everyone who helps!
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  1. Typically when a processor fails it fails hard. If you have onboard video the overheating may have also damaged it causing your problems. You could also try a different video card just to see if its the card or something else.

    Can you see the splash screen? Thats the initial screen that might display the manufacturer or BIOS version.

    How do you know that your computer is still loading? Can you hear the start up sounds? Could it also not be doing anything but spinning the fans and giving signs of receiving power but not actually loading anything?
  2. Hmmm, actualy trying a diffrent video card is my next move, im still looking for an old video card from some friend and when i'll get my hands on one i'll post the results..
    but im a bit sceptic about it, cause the problem startd when i only rebooted and messed with the cpu, the cpu fan and the heatsink..

    and no, I can't see th splash screen, I see nothing at all..

    hmmm.. about that Im actually not sure, the fans are all working great, and th light bulbs in the front of the case turn up normally, so it seems as if it's working.. I have no idea if there's another way to tell that th CPU really turns on.
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