Will I be able to move my computer to a new case?

Hey guys, my computer is an Acer Aspire M5811, i recently bought a new graphics card and have been having cooling issues due to how small the case is. I am planning to move it to a new, bigger case (with more space for fans) but have never done this before and was wondering if anything would go wrong, since this is a retail PC and i heard somewhere that some Acer computers prevent you moving it into a new case due to the way its built? The size of my motherboard is micro ATX, however I am not sure of the exact model name. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
Model: Aspire M5811
Processor: i5 CPU 650 @ 320Ghz 320 Ghz
PSU: 500 W
RAM: 8gb
GPU: GTS 450
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  1. The main issue will probably be the motherboard plate. If there's a rectangular plate surrounding the connections on the back of the computer that can be removed, you should probably be good to go.

    You could try measuring all of the holes on the motherboard to make sure that those are spaced to the uATX spec.

    That's about all the problems that I could foresee...
  2. The problem with these prebuilt computers like Acer , HP , Dell and so on is that they make the computer to thier specifications and they even have special motherboards for thier interior configurations. Sometimes you can lucj out and it will be a simple straight forward MB and cooler(for cpu) and you can just take it out . Other times it all built together with special parts that you cannot buy but they get because they buy in bulk. You really have to take the cover off and look to see what you have.
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    Small case doesn't mean bad cooling. Of course i dont know the case you speak of, but perhaps you could do some modifications to it and add some fans. Make sure there is an air flow from front to rear and you can't go wrong.
    As for the actual question, well, if this is a picture of what it looks inside:

    it looks like it is an a standard mATX but i cannot be sure. The usb-kind-of-bracket just above the gfx card and the I/O shield will probably not fit.
    Still, i do see 2 3pin fan connectors on the board (or i think i see 2, 1 is there for sure) near the ram. Now the front cover of the case seems to be designed to accomodate a 120mm fan and you can see the 80mm fan space in the rear. Pull from front, exhaust from rear, you will be fine.
  4. Ok I didn't realize it was possible to add another fan to the front, I'l try do that now, thanks very much for the help guys, really appreciate it :)
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