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Would an ASUS DCUII 570 fit in my rig?

Tomorrow ASUS is supposed to release this 560 TI 448 core GPU and it's going to be the EXACT same size as their current HUGE 570 DCUII card (that takes up 3 freaking slots on the mobo!!!!).

My (relevant) specs are:

p67 Extreme4 gen. 3 mobo
Haf 912 case
xonar dg soundcard (1 slot under the PCIE slot)

I don't plan to SLI/Cfire ever but I would rather not remove my DG soundcard to make room for this beast of a GPU, but I honestly can't tell if it will fit as the soundcard takes up a slot below the pcie card slot. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing (probably the case) but if someone could help me out, that would be great!
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    Its going to take up three slots, no more. Your sound card only takes up one slot.

    I assume you have the ASRock motherboard?

    If so yes, you are fine. There is a normal PCI slot 4 slots under your first PCI-e x16 slot.
  2. ahhh, yes, now I see....that I did not see that I had two 3 PCIE Moved the xonar down a rung to another PCI slot. Thanks Helltech!
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