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Quick graphics card compatibility question

I was thinking about buying a Nvidia GTX 570 and I was wondering if it would be a problem for my motherboard since the current graphics card I have in it is a radeon hd 5770 and i think has a standard pci express 16 times not 2.0. So will the new graphics card cause me problems compatibility wise?

Thanks in advance
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    The GTX will fit in that slot. your HD 5770 is the same just as the GTX 570 is. The question is what size and brand is your PSU (power supply)? and does it have the 6 pin coming off of it because the GTX need a power source. If you go here to both the sites they will give more info.,3067-7.html
  2. The power supply I have is a corsair 700w gaming series so I'm pretty sure with one gtx 570 and a i7 860 it will be enough to run the whole system.

    Can't wait to get the card and play BF3 on ultra on it hehe =]
  3. Yes it will be enough. Nice stuff and Good luck to you.
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