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Hey, i just got an fx-8120 and 990fxa-ud3 and ive had pretty much lots of troubles with it, theyve all cleared out, but one is still there:
for example, i have pretty huge fpsdrops, the fps in bf3 is clear 60 and suddenly goes down to 40 or so... it feels like im not getting the max performance.

What should i change from bios/windows/settings or ANYTHING, suggest me EVERYTHING.
Also, where can i get the FX BD hotfixes for windows 7 ?
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  1. First off: How do you know that the CPU is to blame? Are you able to monitor this effect in task manager?

    When, in-game, does the fps begin to suffer?
  2. Up the multiplier to 18-20x if you haven't already overclocked it, usually at 18 you dont have to change any other settings.
  3. The AMD Bulldozer CPUs are average at best for gaming, 40-60 FPS with a stock 8120 and whatever graphics card that you have is probably the most that you should expect
  4. now we should not make any judgement tell we are given more information about his system.

    whats your system specs and resolution
  5. gigabyte 990fxa-ud3
    amd fx-8120 3.1ghz stock cooler
    2x4gb 1600mhz corsair vengeance ram (running at 1333mhz and i cant change it)
    nvidia geforce gtx 560 925mhz OC (factory)
    corsair gs600
    samsung syncmaster p2350 23" (1920x1080 reso)
    corsair force gt 90gb ssd

    i opened task manager while prime95 and all cores were 100%, the temps got high really quick and from cpu-z i watched the speed and it kept hopping 3.1 - 2.8 - 3.1 - 2.8

    noob2222 if i up the multiplier, the clocks are higher and it gets more hot...
  6. When the action in the game hots up the avg FPS comes down. That's quite normal for any system as it has to render many particle changes.

    I remember how scenes with smoke in them used to cripple high end system years ago. Thought it was great when I got enough power to turn the smoke effects on.

    However RAM speed is critical for FX CPU performance, so you might want to contact Gigabyte to see if you can up that a bit.

    Also, sounds like you have a freshly installed Windows. Check that you have up to date manufacturer hardware drivers and not only generic Ms ones.
  7. yes i do hjave a freshly installed windows.

    but when i unlock the ram multiplier and set it so, that i can have 1600mhz it fails to boot and turns it back to 1333 ...

    whats the matter ?
  8. Try upping the voltage a bit.
  9. wont that make the cpu run hotter ?
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