CPU overheating - FX8120 - Also cannot install hotfixes

Okay, so my processor is a few days old.
When i run a PRIME95 test for 2-3 minutes, all my cores go to 100% (task manager), but heres the problem:

I have stock speeds
My core goes between 2.8ghz and 3.1 ghz (i have turbo boost turned off)
My CPU temp goes to 71C and Core temps go to 65C - I was afraid to go any further with prime95
While gaming i have lagspikes.
My FAN speed went only up to 3400rpm (Altho max is 4500)

Why is my stock cooling screwing me over ? Why are the temps so horrible...
I have a bitxfenix merc beta case, i have a top-sidepanel 120mm fan blowing air in and rear-top 120mm fan sucking air out, the psu is also facing upwards to suck hot air from gpu (which has no TEMP problems..)

Suggest me ANYTHING.

About the hotfixes:
I downloaded them from microsoft website, when i try to install Hotfix for Windows (KB2645594)
, then it starts to load, it asks me if i want to install, i press YES and 2 seconds later it does this:

"These updates could not be installed:

Hotfix for Windows (KB2645594)"

When i try to install the other update, then it says This hotfix is not applicable to your computer.

I have windows 7 ultimate 64bit. Any help?!
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  1. top fan is for sucking air out of the case and expelling it upwards so turn it over.

    edit - as for the updates you'll need to check the windows update logs for the reason why it didnt install.
  2. my top fan is sucking air out of the case, ill go over it again:
    bitfenix merc beta case (check it online), i have 2 fans: 120mm on the sidepanel thats blowing air IN to the cpu and a rear-top 120mm that is an exhaust on sucking hot air away from the cpu and blowing it out the back.

    got the hotfixes installed btw
  3. Simple solution, get your self an after market cooler like the coolermaster Hyper 212 evo, as its way cooler and quieter than crappy stock cooling.
  4. And your cooling set up for that case should look something like this, any side vents should be sucking cool air into the case and over the mobo.

  5. dude.... i have a side fan that blows air to the case ....
    and a rear one that blows hot air out of the case...
  6. I no you do, do you also have front fans blowing air into the case?

    Your CPU is a hot running CPU anyway, so it needs all the help it can get, again i would defo recc that you buy an aftermarket cooler like the one i stated above.
  7. i cant mount a fan in the front, the screws are weird... i have the option to mount two tho
  8. Yes mount 2 fans in the front so they draw cool air into the case, this will help create positive cool air pressure which is what your looking for.
  9. i only have 2 120mm fans :D
  10. Ok its going to take some investmant in cash to truly sort your cooling issues, which country do you live in and ill make some cheap reccs.
  11. One 120mm fan in the front sucking air in and one in the back sucking air out should suffice. No need to invest in more fans if you are not going to OC. If you are going to OC, then get an after-market CPU cooler. The CM EVO 212 as recommended above should suffice.

    If you are having lag spikes it might be because you are reaching TJ max (in the region of 90C for your CPU, if I am not mistaken) and that the processor is throttling itself to prevent damage. In that case make sure your thermal compound is applied properly.
  12. well i have two 120mm fans that i can place, so the best should be: one at the bottom front sucking air IN and one at the rear top sucking air out?
    to make sort of an air-tunnel of cold air ?

    also, i will get the cm 212 evo soon :)
  13. What are your volts for the cpu?
  14. on bios theyr set on auto and on cpu-z they are (while doing prime95) 1.392
  15. 71C isn't THAT bad, just get a cheap aftermarket CPU cooler and move the side fan to the front. Try to undervolt if it will work as this will reduce temps
  16. Yeah im getting the CM hyper 212 evo soon :p
    also, i have a non-modular pc and shitty case, so i have to hide my extra cables that i dont use from the PSU under the cage of HDD -s and i have an ssd + storage hdd so i dont think a lot of air will come through from the front fan - check my case out: bitfenix merc beta, i can also take a screenshot of my layout atm
  17. Yes manually undervolt your cpu. At 3.6 you should be able to volt it 1.29 or lower. Set your LLC in bios second to highest setting so your voltage doesnt fluctuate during Prime. I'm currently doing 1.29 at 4.2ghz.
  18. so i should set LLC to the lowest and how much should i volt for 3.1ghz ?
    i have a 990fxa-ud3 mobo
  19. atm while playing bf3 my volts were:
    min: 1.04
    max: 1.38

    so i take it, that 1.38 is my current cpu voltage ? how much should i put it
  20. ok i set it to 1.3V, hows that for 3.1ghz ?
    also, when i change ddr3 to 1600mhz it says WARNING! VOLTAGE or smth...

    also, i didnt touch the LLC, wheres that and whats that ?
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