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Hey guys
im 3/4 of the way through my new build but ive got a bit stumped by fans, their mounting (intake/exhaust) and how to plug them in.

i have a corsair 400r case. this came with 2 fans at the front run by molex. this part is fine, i believe they are intake fans.

i have a rear fan at the back of the case working as an exhaust and the corsair h100 at the top of the case with 2 fans also acting as exhausts. I have plugged all of these fans into the h100 which itself is plugged into the cpu fan pins (3 pins on a 4 pin) are these ok?

next i have 2 fans acting as intakes on the side of the case. here is where im stuck. my mobo has 3 other fan mount points labelled chassis 1 +2 and something else i cant remember right now.
so my question is, can i plug my 2 side mount fans into any of these pins? in fact in a more general case can i plug what ever fan i chose into what ever available mobo pin for fans?

thanks for responses
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  1. If your mobo has the headers for more fans, then plug whatever fan you want into the headers. If i'm not using a fan controller, then I usually start by filling the mobo fan headers and any remaining fans are daisy-chained on a molex. I prefer the fan headers on the mobo because some software will allow you to adjust the fan speeds. Anything on a molex will get 12V and run at full speed all the time...and full noise. Speaking of've got yourself a regular wind turbine!
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