Why can't i use hdmi during first boot/

Hey internet, i just build a pc and tried booting it up. Everything worked, or i think i does, but when i connect a hdmi to my 42'' Sharp HDTV, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

My build is:
Mobo: M5A97 AM3+
CPU: FX 4100
PSU: OCZ zs 750W
VGA: XFX RADEON 6870 Dual Fan Edition
RAM: 8GB (4gb x 2) GSkill Sniper
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  1. When you plug a Pc into a regular tv you have to make sure you plug into one of the video ports and not the port for the tv broadcast. Basicly the same ports you would connect a dvd player to. Then you have to use the remote to switch to that video outlet.
  2. I am having this problem too. Were you able to get first boot to bios with HDMI connection or do you need a normal monitor before drivers are installed?

    I am using a HIS 6970 2GB.
  3. Im not so sure. This is my first time building so im very nooby, but i ordered speakers for the motherboard to diagnose the problem.
  4. I have had this issue too. I have a Radeon HD 6850. When I tried booting up, the screen on my Vizio 22" 720p TV would detect the signal but it would just stay black. I plugged in my friends older nvidia graphics card that had a VGA port, and it started right up and went into bios (this is my first build). After i was able to get it into bios with the older nvidia card (and i mean old-only 256mb of vram) i plugged in my Radeon and it booted up into bios, (through HDMI) and it worked for a few days until i removed my CMOS battery and it no longer senses the HDD or VCARD. Hope this helps. Avoid using HDMI on first boot, it worked for me. I am going to try connecting a DVI monitor to it now.
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