2 GPUs - power connectors

I've got 2 cards, and an Antec EA650w psu.

Its got 3 -12v rails pushing 25A, 2 of them share, all together they do 540w. Im not worried about its abilities, im wondering how to plug it in. Both cards require 2 - 6 pin connectors.

The psu has 2 - 6 pin pcie connectors and an 8 pin. Should I plug in 1 - 6 pin in each, and get a molex to 6 pin in each? Or will the psu blow up?

Should I get an 8 pin splitter to 2-6 pins?
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  1. And here I thought this one was a quick and easy question...
  2. I'd use an 8 pin to 2 6pin. The 8pin on that PSU doesn't have a tab that changes it from 8pin to 6pin?
  3. One of the 6 pins has a 2 pin tab to make it into an 8. The 8 pin is just an 8 pin
  4. Ahh, well shucks. Yeah, it doesn't really matter what adapters you use. Just make sure that PSU can support the GPUs you are trying to CF/SLI.
  5. So using a 6 pin and a molex-6 pin in each one should be fine? Or do the molexs not provide enough?
  6. Do not use the 8 pin power plug.

    Many Antecs have both a 4 pin and an 8 pin plug for CPU power instead of a "4+4" plug. CPU power plugs are wired differently from PCIe power plugs.

    Using either in the wrong place will result in shorting 12 volts directly to ground.
  7. You know, I actually just got back from plugging in the 8 pin into my new card, and I was just double checking to see that it'd provide enough power.

    You are saying, that despite the particular placement of square block pins to not square block pins on that 8 pin, and it fitting in there, that I should not turn on my pc, and take it out?

    Does an adapter work between the EPS 8 pin and the pcie 6 pin cards?
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