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Any bottlenecks in this salvage build?

I am trying to build a cheapo PC for a friend that can run Skyrim, and am salvaging some old parts that I have.

Gigabyte 785g AM2+ mobo
Athlon II 250 (OCed to 3.5GHZ)
4gb DDR2-800
Evga Geforce 760 GTX 768MB
320GB Sata II HD
Windows XP 32 bit
Sigma Shark 635W PSU

Is there any bottleneck with my cpu/gpu at 1440x900 resolution? And is WinXP still viable to use? He doesn't want to shell out $100 for Win7 atm.
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    it should play just fine at that resolution.....and yes xp will work just fine

    i wish my friends would put gaming pc's together for me.....dang

    good luck

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