Building a new PC, need suggestion/ advice on a graphic card

Hey everyone,

I am new here in this forum. I would like to ask anyone would are kindly enough to give me some suggestion or advice on a graphic card.

The spec of my computer:

Chip: Intel i5 core 2500k
PSU: Corsair 650 Watt
RAM: 8 Gig of G. Skill
Case: HAF 932
HDD: I don't know yet... I possibly bust open one of my many external hdd and use it. I want to save up before I purchase a SSD.

Also, I am not planning to overclock my i5 core processor.

I am looking for a graphic card from $100 to $160. My usage ranges are from programming, minimize photo editing (using Lightroom 2), watching a few movies here and there, and gaming. I would like to be able to play Call of Duty MW3, Skyrim, and some other games. I am not trying to play every latest or graphic killer (Crysis 2 or etc.) games. Any help would be nice.

In addition, I will be using my 18in widescreen Dell. I believed the maximum resolution is 1600x1200. Again, I want to say Thank you for any assist.
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  1. If you aren't EVER going to overclock your processor you dont need the "k" version. I mean at its price I find it hard to pass up, but if you will never EVER overclock it, yeah....

    At 160 dollars the best you can get is...
  2. Thank you.
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