MATX Mobo CPU matter for GPU?

Hey Guys,
I don't mean to start another thread but I couldn't find one that's alike. I have but one simple question;
I'm building a mATX Gaming Rig in a Silverstone SG02BF, and I just want to know if you need a certain type of processor to use a GPU. For example, can I use a BIOSTAR H61MLB any COMPATIBLE processor, and still use any type of video card? This is the build I have in mind:

Case: Silverstone SG02BF
Processor: i3 2120 - 3.3GHz
GPU: HD Radeon 6850 1GB
RAM: 8GB G. Skill RAM (4GBx2)
PSU: Antec 520W High Current Gamer 80Plus Certified
HDD: Have one laying around, just a 1TB SATA

I appreciate anybody's help :D
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    Everything you have in that build is totally compatible, so you're good to go. But to answer you question completely, CPU choice doesn't matter at all, as far as what GPU you can use or whether you can use one at all.
  2. Wow. Fast reply. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D
  3. No problem! :)
  4. What about the silverstone PS07?

    Why aren't you going Z77 or Z68?
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