Cpu speed not right?

I just upgraded from a very poor quality dual core (amd athlon 64 x2) To a Phenom II Black Edition 960t.

The core speed however.. doesnt seem to be right. The cores dont seem to have the right speed, any suggestions?

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  1. That is amd cool and quiet! It down clocks your processor when you aren't doing anything cpu intensive. Don't worry, it saves energy and extends your processor life! :)
  2. Ok, but games seem to run exactly the same as before : / Would only having 3 gigs of ram be an issue? For example BF3 still runs at 25 fps on low. people with worse cpus, same video card can do high, with more ram at around 45 fps.

    I ask because my ram usage is never 100%
  3. They might be playing at different resolutions than you!
  4. I fixed that issue, I had to update my bios.

    It seems to be getting pretty warm, 44-50C on standby, and around 60 playing a bf3 for a few minutes. Is this high for this CPU?
  5. Not very high if you are using the stock cooler.
  6. What's the general max temperature before it becomes dangerous? Thanks for all your answers. Last question
  7. i heard amd cpus get hot compared to intel cpus :/
    but tbh anything over 70 and you should be ordering a new cooling fan
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