Computer Boot Sound?

Hey Guys,

Well, the question I have today is one that is on something that I've always wanted in my computer sense my days of seeing my CET (computer engineering technology) computers! (And, I'm just going to go ahead and say that I have my computer built but I'm taking an old case and customizing it for a custom case!)

Basically, the power button said "Start Engine" and when you would push the button there would be the sound of a car starting up and driving off. (And, I know this is something to do with windows itself cause it did that when you pushed the button and not when windows logged on. And, he also showed me how you turned the sound on and off which was done by pushing a switch up or down that was partially hidden under the bottom curve of the case) I assumed it was probably done by a speaker, or something of that sort, that was made for only that!

Well, anyways I found the case on newegg one night when I was just looking at cases, but I can't seem to find it now! But, if I do I'll post a link here.

Well, to just wrap this up if someone could tell me how I would go about doing this that would be great! I have looked all through Google, but I think the reason I couldn't really find anything relevant to it is cause I wasn't really sure how to word it.. Thanks in advance!

-The Creator
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  1. Look in control panel for SOUNDS
  2. Which one would it be exactly? I know how to change the log on etc sound. I want it to play a sound when I hit the power button.

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Bump!! :)
  4. Bump! Please help! :)
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