Possible power issues with Nvidia GTX 560 & Thermaltake Purepower 500

I just purchased an Nvidia GTX 560 (non-ti) and I'm concerned about my PSU's ability to handle its power consumption (specifically this concerns my PSU's two 12v rails and their combined amperage and the PSU's single 6-pin PCI-e power connector).

My system specs are as follows:
Mobo: MSI K9A2CF
CPU: AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.2 GHz
RAM: 8 GB of Gskill (4x 2GB sticks, got this pc as a gift so not sure of other RAM specs)
GPU: (current) Nvidia gtx 560 (MSI N560GTX model)
GPU: (previous) ASUS gt 240
PSU: Thermaltake Purepower 500 w0100ru
+3.3v 22A | +5v 32A | +12v1 14A | +12v2 15A | -12v 0.3A | +5vSB 2A

My psu apparently has 2 12v rails, but only one 6-pin PCI-e connector. From what I understand, my psu just barely meets the total wattage requirements (450w or 500w depending on who you ask) and is just under 12v rail amperage requirements for the video card (29A currently, minimum is 30 according to manufacturer's specifications). Currently I have the PCI-e connector and one molex-to-PCI-e 6-pin adapter connected to the video card. The set of cables that the adapter is connected to is not supplying power to any other components. Also, I've read that adding the amperage of the two 12v rails does not necessarily give you their real combined amperage. Will I be okay with my current setup, or should I get a psu with two rails dedicated to 6-pin PCI-e connectors to avoid blowing up my rig? And if my current setup is okay, how do I make sure that my adapter is connected to the 12v1 rail?
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  1. I can't answer that question for you, sorry. But I just got the same video card only Ti version and had the same question with the same PSU as you and I opted to get a new power supply so I would not under volt it. But I have a small question for you. Are you having any lag issues in games. And I'm lagging because the card is taking up half my CPU by it self. I'm just wondering if I'm unlucky or this is what this video card does?
  2. My card is chugging a bit in Skyrim on settings that I thought it should handle, but I may just need to tweak the game's settings a bit more (or it could be related to my question if my card isn't getting enough power). I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by
    I'm lagging because the card is taking up half my CPU by it self
    Have you updated the Nvidia drivers?
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