My router frequently slows down or sometimes disconnects.

I've had this router for 6 months now, now I'm having problems with it as stated in the title. When I surf the net, everything flies fast but then occasionally it will slow down and I have to wait about 10 seconds or more for a simple page to load.

What I've done recently before this problem was that I've also bought a wireless repeater because the router won't reach to every room in the house. Again, even with the repeater everything was going well. About a week after the repeater was installed, the internet acted funny. I've been trying to change the router channel, didn't work. I've tried setting the router to wireless G only (all devices are put on wireless g), didn't work either.

At first I thought it was just the repeater disconnecting, but the laptop that's only 10 feet away from the router also has wireless issues. So I'm thinking it's either the router that's giving the problem, or by a wild guess, it's the repeater hogging the signal and it's creating problems for everyone.

I haven't been able to game online a lot because of this stupid thing. It can't be the ISP either because my neighbours who also have the same service are not experiencing any problems whatsoever.

The router is a linksys cisco e1000
repeater is engenius erb-9250
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  1. do you have the same problem when you turn off the repeater?

    do you have the latest firmware for the router?
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