3570k much lower rank (passmarkt) than 2700k / 8150FX for gaming?


I checked the Passmark benchmarks,

I saw that the 3570k has a much lower rank (58) than 2700k / 8150FX, with no heat problems,


So is it better to buy amd or the older 2700k or 2600k?

For gaming?

Or spend a bit more for the 3770k?


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  1. there is no point spending all that money on a top of the range CPU because they will not be any better at gaming than cheaper CPUs

    I would recommend core i5, reasonable price and is as good for gaming as i7s and other top end CPU and is sometimes better.

    what GPU do you have?
  2. Im building a new pc atm. Planning to buy a saphire 7850 or 7870 OC edition. I think they are fast and quiet,

    is it a good setup?

  3. which cpu is good enough? I like the new ivy...
  4. no_way_today said:

    I saw that the 3570k has a much lower rank (58) than 2700k / 8150FX, with no heat problems,


    Synthetic benchmarks are garbage. Just toss them out with the rest of the trash.

    Look at actual gaming benchmarks.

  5. Thanks! Thought they were ok. In the xbitlab is it totally different, so if they are right the 3570k is fine enough!
  6. passmark is just rubbish look hard at their charts they often make no sense or go against every other bench out there
  7. if you havnt already bought anything, get the 2500k. sure the 3570 is a bit faster, but with the money you save, you can go spend more on the graphics card, which is what counts more for gaming.
  8. I've seen at least 5 different people now say that with there 2500k on Guild Wars 2 were only getting 35-45 FPS.
    Some were saying that there was a bug in the beta making it more cpu dependent but still.
  9. Get the i5 3570k, no need to go bigger if you only want to game. Plus it OC's like a beast!

    The reason why I say go Ivy instead of Sandy is because it is the latest technology enabling you to use PCI-e 3.0 (it currently does not have a big influence in performance but that might change within the next year, then you will be kicking yourself for saving $20 by going back to old technology).
  10. I'd be more worried about your graphics card choice (s) and PSU in a nice case with plenty of airflow than the CPU.

    Frankly the IVB cpu does not overclock well and thermally ramps quickly ... so its probably a better bet to get a SB CPU (or not push the OC much on the IVB) and moderately overclock that without having to worry so much about the heat.

    A good gaming rig means spending more money on the graphics than the cpu.

    Then of courese a nice big monitor goes without saying.

    A 2600K looks a good bet and perhaps a 7970 ... or a GTX 6 series card if you can get one ... they are rumoured to exist.
  11. 1. Passmark is not all that reliable and based on synthetic benchmarks
    2. The i7s do a lot better on there due to their extra hyperthreaded "cores" which games do not use
  12. Ivy Bridge is VERY over rated, the old sandy bridge is better, 2 reasons.

    cost for performance
    heat when overclocking.

    get a 2500k top chip spend the extra on a better GPU which WILL effect your gaming and improve it NOT your CPU. that just makes multi tasking faster and in games its not needed to multi task, thats the GPU's job most of all.
  13. Thanks for all the reactions,

    I still go for the 3570k, cause of the 3.0 pci,

    in combination with a 7870 (which does it good enough), and a Fractal design define r3 usb 3.0 case, quiet and a lot of airflow,

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