Did my 6970 just die?

So I was playing battlefield on friday fine, then i played swtor beta all weekend still fine, today i tried to get into battlefield again and it crashed, windows said my display driver stopped responding and recovered. I try again and it crashes again with a weird directx error. I figure maybe my drivers are out of whack, i have 11.10 installed and i try 11.11 and the installer crashes right after i tell it to install. I jumped in skyrim to see if its just battlefield and my fps in skyrim is so low i can't even move. I just tried battlefield again and it got into the game however there were vertical black lines over the environment and my weapons. Is this a hardware or software issue?

I had issues 2 weeks ago with skyrim stuttering and in the end i clean formatted to be able to install 11.10 which i thought fixed the problem.

i7-2600k @ 4.5ghz
gigabyte z68x-ud7
g skill 2133mhz 4gbx2
gigabyte 6970 oc2 @920mhz
agility 3 120gb boot drive (drivers installed here)
wd black 2tb data drive (games installed here)
corsair ax-850w
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  1. Try backing off on your GPU overclock and see if that changes/reduces your symptoms? Are your temperature readings normal for your system?

    The vertical black lines - do they look like they're drawn (which might imply driver issues), or do they look like display artifacts (which might imply hardware issues).
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