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Let me start with the problem: Almost every time I turn on my computer, my TV tells me "No RGB signal. The power will be turned off."

The exceptions are either random occasions (seemingly random; I don't do anything special those times) or when I borrow the other computer's graphics card. This is what makes me believe that it's the card's problem. However, when I swap the cards the signal comes through, and even when I swap back to the original card it works - until the next shutdown. The fact that the card still works sometimes makes me believe it's NOT the card.

I've been searching for a while now and because nobody's problem is exactly the same as mine, it would be best just to ask my own question.

I'll just throw in whatever other information I can think of here:

- I recently formatted two of my HDDs to switch them (as well as the graphics card and the PSU to power it) between my two computers. All drivers updated.

- On that note, this began happening only after I updated them. I will test to see if this is the problem, but I am uncomfortable with outdated drivers on my GTX460 which I primarily use for gaming. Would that be any sort of an issue?

- All of my PC components are qualified to support each other. If necessary I will post my specs though.

- I am using a VGA to DVI adapter since there is no VGA port on the card. I suspect this could be a problem as well, and if recommend I will buy a dedicated DVI cable. The card also has a miniHDMI port, and I will be receiving my HDMI-miniHDMI cable in a couple of days.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them in exchange for some help :)

Thank you so much!,
Paul I.
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  1. New turn of events - Neither graphics card will work now. I replaced the VGA cable as well, so it isn't that. I'll do some more tests to narrow down what the problem may be, but would still love some help.

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