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Help choosing MB and components... :)

I need help and some tips of choosing the right motherboard...
After few years of using my pc (AsusM3A; AMD Athlon64 x2 5400; 8GB DDR2 Kingston 800Mhz, nvidia GeForce GTS 250...)

I am in pursuit of a new pc, for performance and gaming...
For a start i would like to use AMD Phenom ii processors
i have took a look of some gigabyte, asus, asrock motherboards but really dont know what to choose...
the ones i liked are for two or more graphics cards which i dont want to use...

any suggestions, advices ?
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  1. Any budget that you are working with for this build ? Just because a board has multiple slots doesn't mean it's only for two or more video cards you can still use the board and the extra slots may come in handy some day.
  2. budget would be 500e max...
    i didn't know that, for what i could use them ?
    it has been a long time since i was buying components... i am a bit out of everything...
  3. Well first you may at some point decide that you do want two video cards because you never know down the road you could change your mind.
    There are some things that you could be interested at some point , for example a RevoDrive which is a SSD on a pcb the sits in a pci-e slot and is faster than a regular SSD connected to a sata port. There are raid cards that you could want to use at some point. These are just all options that you could use the extra pci-e slots for , not saying that you will but you never know.
    The 500e would be for what specific components?
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    Yea i agree get a board with two or more PCI express because this offers expansion later down the line. Trust me i was using a Phenom for a while and once i upgraded the motherboard, with a newer chipset my frames increased by 10 to 15fps. and since i added another graphics card and a new processor i get average 60 fps easily on Skyrim, BF3 and Metro i often see 70fps. but with your budget i would recommend spending this amount in each sectors. perhaps 160$ most for the mobo, The Phenom, you want quad for affordable get the 965, i had the 955 before and loved it. So about 130 on processor, 40$ for memory, 30$ for a simple DVD driver and PSU 100$ I recommend Corsair for the PSU, good brand! So far that is 380 total, Now for the case and GPU. the question is do you want a AMD card or Nvidia. Only you can decide that but if it were me i'd get Nvidiaa GTX 460 will get you started. then one day you can sell it and get the new kepler cards coming out. if your at 1080p either the GTX 460 or the GTX 560 will be ok for now. and the case, since your on a budget and the video card is gonna be at most 140$ if you can find a 460 for that. and then your Computer case could be maybe a 50$
  5. Thank you both for advices. I didnt know about revodrive, its excellent but very expencive... At some point i should have it. Speed of revodrive changes depending of PCIe slots ritght, that works on x1, x4, x8... !?

    I've took a look of few motherboards... and I am trying to find one with amd 9 series chipset...

    Fata11ty 990FX Professional
    990FX Extreme 4

    M5A99x EVO
    Crosshair V Formula

    i think GA-990fx-ud3 would be just fine...
    for other models of GB dont really know if I am gonna ever use three or four graphic cards... especially that there is a shared bandwith between slots...

    at this moment i need esentiall things (mb, procesor, ram, graphic card) rest i could manage later...

    and this could do:
    Asus M5A97 PRO
  6. The RevoDrive does not work on a x1 slot , I have one so I do know that it works on x4 , x8 and x16 and not the x1.
    A good motherboard is the Asrock 990X Extreme 4.
  7. for example GA-990FXA-UD7
    2 x PCI Express x16 slots, that works on x16 highway (PCIEX16_1, PCIEX16_2)
    2 x PCI Express x16 slots, that works on x8 highway (PCIEX8_1, PCIEX8_2)
    2 x PCI Express x16 slots, that works on x4 highway (PCIEX4_1, PCIEX4_2)
    1 x PCI
    PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX8_1 are sharing bandwith, as well as PCIEX16_2 and PCIEX8_2;
    when PCIEX8 are populated then PCIEX16 as well works on x8 highway...
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