Having fried my 3 cored cpu and mobo in a failed unlock,I am looking for a cheap replacement, maybe Intel Pentium G860 / Intel Core i3 2120, and MSI H77MA-G43 mobo but theirs no reviews on the motherboard . Any ideas
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  1. Are you looking for us to create a suitable replacement, or tell you the pros and cons of the motherboard? :)
  2. I`m loking for more on the motherboard ,wil it be suitable for my HD6850.
  3. MSI generally makes a solid bored. You could look up reviews on google/bing. Also, the Core i3 2120 is a good CPU to replace a tri-core.
  4. Asrock Z77 Pro 3, it's a cheaper board and is a solid performer.
  5. Thanks the Asrock looks good
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