Why the CP link in forum?

Hey everyone! Been gone for a number of months and was checking out the forum. I noticed a new addition.... It was a CyberPower link under the System Build section of Hardware. It's not a big deal but I'm a little puzzled why CP has its own header for posts? Anyone have any explanation?

I may be overly critical (could be cause i'm tired atm) but I dont care for the idea of a private pc manufacturer getting its brand on Tom's forum. This is an extreme analogy but it's kind of like "Car and Driver" magazine having a space designated for Toyota on their home page.
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  1. They are a "Featured Brand" on Tom's Hardware, which is why they get a "link" in the forum just like Antec and others.

  2. They have basically paid for their own section of the forum, along with the "featured brands" thing. They didn't receive special attention because we're partial to the company ;)
  3. I see.

    Thanks Tecmo & Randomizer, that seems less imposing knowing many companies are contributors. I took it out of context, probably because it was the only name that stood out on the broader forum page of links.
  4. Those are partner spaces, and yep, they do have their own little spots here on the forums. A lot of times our partners want to engage directly with users regarding their products, and this is a great way to interact with 'em. We've got folks from all sorts of companies - Antec, AMD, CyberPower, Brother Printers, etc.
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