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Hi please help my understanding, I've gutted my house for a renovation and was going to run cat 6 to all my rooms for things like ps3's internet tvs , sound devices etc and wanted to know the setup. Is it simply a case of connecting the wireless router provided by sky/bt or virgin to a gigabit switch which is then connected to all the cat 6 connected to the other devices? Thank you, Si
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  1. You most certainly can do that, but I would suggest having a patch panel where all of the cat6 in the house terminates. Label where each cable goes, and then when you connect a TV in the living room, you can look at the patch panel and then plug a short section of cable in at that location on the panel and connect it to your switch. This way you don't need a huge switch that goes mostly unused.
  2. i only have 5 rooms, is it necessary , also would i be able to get a faceplate for the rooms with the tvs to plug into?thanks simon
  3. I would personally run PVC in the walls to run network cable through. It's not necessary, but it just allows you to swap out/upgrade cables in the event of any issues, and for the purpose of future-proofing. If you don't want to spend the money then just running network cable is fine too. Be sure to try to avoid power lines.

    You can get Ethernet (RJ-45) faceplates from numerous places. Monoprice has very affordable prices, but anywhere you find them will work just fine.

    I would also run the cables to a patch panel, just for convenience. They're pretty cheap, and having a labeled connection would make network maintenance easy. You could also plug the connections from the patch panel into a Gbit switch, and then have the switch go to the router.

    Good luck.
  5. that should of said doubles
  6. Just the way it is. Generally if you're running dedicated lines, you're not going to have just one. You could very easily just not connect one of the ports, or run an additional line for future expansion. Or you could just use a single port faceplate.
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