Packets Activity Stops But Still On The Network

I am running XP SP3 with a Dlink wireless N adapter, DWA-130 and a wireless N router, DIR-615.

During the last month or so my internet connection keeps stalling and will not work until I repair the connection, however I am still connected to the network, I just can't send or receive packets. In particular when I am downloading things, it will stop after 2MB is downloaded or 300MB, it just random. After sending/receiving 7,000 packets or 700,00. This only happens to my computer with the wifi adapter. Prior to this I didn't have any issues for over two years. My phone and laptop still connect via wifi to the internet. And the xbox and blu ray player are connected via ethernet and have not had any problems. The log for my router states "deauthenticate reason 3", which I have found to mean "The access point went offline, deauthenticating the client". So, I figured that the issue could be the wifi adapter which I installed on
the laptop and that too never had an issue. I used inSSIDer 2.0 to see the close by networks and changed channels to get away from the strongest ones. I tried switching to wireless n only instead of g and n, the problem still persists.

Then I figured the issue must be my computer and no malware, spyware, adware nor any virus was found. The same thing happened while in safe mode. I also tried the winsock fix to no avail, reinstalled the wifi adapter and made sure all firmware for the router and adapter were up to date as well as XP. I also tried with my firewall shutdown but I still loose the connection.

So I then reluctantly did a clean install and even with the bare essentials it still stopped working. I also bought a 15ft USB extension to get a better signal but still, even though I have a good or excellent signal I still have problems. My latest thought was this was the only machine running firefox 4 so I went back to 3 and that didn't help either. I checked my usage with my ISP and I am no where near the 250GB a month. I am completely out of ideas. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? I tried switching the MTU from 1500 to 1492, 1482 and 1472.

Please let me know if you need anymore info, thanks much Kevin.
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  1. Wow. I've been searching everywhere for someone with the same internet problem lol. I've tried everything myself, including reinstalling my computer and nothing worked.

    There are a few computers connected to the router with a wireless and mine is the only one connected with an ethernet cable. The only thing i'm guessing is the problem would be the router, or something inside my computer. (not a pro so I hope someone figures this out)

    I hope someone who knows what's going on finds this post and helps us out.
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