Need help to figure out what graphic is best

i need an opinion about what graphic card is best for gaming n multimedia for asus P5KPL-Am motherboard? can give me the highest price n the midle price.. glad to have an opinion..
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  1. Hai.
    We need to know all your system specs to give a good advice.
  2. helloo,
    my spec is intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU2.53GHz 3.30GHz
    3GB ram n using 32-bit operating system
    i'm now using asus silent series ( ASUS EAH4350 ) 1791 mb hyper memory
    about thinking of changing it..need ur opinion.
  3. You have a very low end system right there. You might consider buying a whole system.

    For your computer I will suggest because you have got a very low end system. And I don't am also not 100% sure it will work because you need at least PciE 2.0 or later to make it work. Check your PciE version on the motherboard specification first of all.
  4. i'm thinking about changing my procesor to core 2 quad
    but the procesor is wit my fren now.if i'm using it will it be better now?
    coz changing to new i7 is little expensive.need to changing my mthrboard to if changing to i series..
  5. But changing motherboard is recommended if you don't have PciE 1.0 because it needs to be PciE 2.0 or better. Also show me your PSU.
  6. what is PSU? i'm sory coz im not quite good in eng.hehe.. but at the box of mtherboard says i can plug wit core2 quad procesor or core 2 duo.
  7. PSU = Power Supply Unit

    Yes the Motherboard is compatible with processor that has LGA 775 socket. What I am not sure is if it has PciE 2.0 or 1.0, Check it.
  8. ok.tank u :)
  9. What is it?
  10. i dont knw how to check it. but my fren told that it was 2.0..
  11. Oh OK. It should be compatible. Show me your PSU also, I would recommend 6670/6570 but I am not sure it will bottleneck or no. If you want an upgrade to 6670 I recommend you to get a better processor with LGA 775. If you get a decent processor you might be able to get 6770 also.

    If you don't want to upgrade your processor then 6570 as long as your PSU can supply it.
  12. ok.tanks for the information. feel beter now.hehe thank u
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